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Substance use disorder impacts everyone. Treatment is available and recovery is possible.

Recovery Is NWPA is a consortium of agencies collaborating to provide support and resources directly to women and families impacted by substance use. We are creating a support system of community organizations interested in providing for the substance use related needs of communities of rural Erie, Crawford, Clarion, and Venango Counties in northwest Pennsylvania. Treatment is available regardless of ability to pay. Treatment, case management, peer support, and prevention resources are available through each county SCA (Single County Authority) for substance use services. Call your local county for a confidential conversation.

If you need help.

Free recovery support services and resources for women and families impacted by substance use disorders.

  • Peer Support
  • Life Skills Groups
  • Family and Individual Support Groups
  • Sober Social Events
  • Naloxone Resources
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If you want to help.

Community support system focused on increasing access to evidence-based treatment, prevention, and recovery support for families struggling with substance use.

  • Professional Training
  • Printable Resources
  • Project Updates
  • Community Meetings
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